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RCD Torah Project

Reconstructionist Congregation of Detroit gets a new Torah


Torah Dedication, September 11, 2011 

RCD's new Torah was officially dedicated in a ceremony held September 11, 2011.  We gathered to see the Torah presented in honor of Matthew Schenk, RCD's first president, for all the work he has done on behalf of RCD.  We expressed our gratitude to Judge Avern Cohn for his support of this project, as well as all the donors who made the purhase of the Torah possible.  The Sofer, Rabbi Levi Kagan, blessed the Torah and provided a brief history of its origins.  As a group we re-dedicated ourselves to basic Torah values:  love God and love your neighbor as yourself.  We then carried the Torah to our synagogue and installed in the Ark.  Members of Christ Church (where our synagogue has space) were on hand to observe this portion of our ceremony.  We then gathered with members of Christ Church for a dicussion of religious tolerance and acceptance, particularly in the context of the tragic events of 9/11.  



Update (May, 2011)

Thanks to the generous donations of our members and friends, we will be using our new Torah very soon!  This is very exciting for our small synagogue, and we are so grateful for the support we received on this fundraising effort.


Help Bring Our Torah Home!

Now that our community has settled comfortably into the new sanctuary in the education building at Christ Church Detroit, the one essential element still missing is the new Torah. We need $10,000 to bring home the 100-year-old but gently used Torah that Rabbi Levi Kagan has found for us, to help us celebrate our 10th anniversary, and to honor our first President, Matt Schenk. Thanks to the generosity of the family of Judge Avern Cohn and the generosity of other donors, we have raised $7,500 as of February 6, 2011. That leaves us seeking another $2,500 in donations, so that we may purchase this Torah and have it made perfectly kosher and begin to use it for services in our new sanctuary. While Rabbi Kagan is working on it, we hope to “visit” our Torah and watch him make the final repairs, so that our members, young and old, will appreciate what an impressive traditional craft it is for a sofer (scribe) to create a Torah by hand.


levi_kagan___carol.jpg     levi_kagan_2.jpg    






Many thanks to Susan Gold Smith of Windsor, Canada, for the photos.



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